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The Indigo IT Company is a banking service that is using EIGRP AS 1 as the IGP in its network.Indigo IT Company has decided to establish connectivity between two of its sites. AdvanceNet, a service provider, has been selected by the Indigo IT Company to provide the connectivity between the two sites.

For this implementation, AdvanceNet is using a MPLS VPN solution. AdvanceNet has already established MPLS connectivity between all of their PE routers. MPBGP connectivity has also been established on all PE routers.

Indigo IT Company has successful completed all necessary tasks on the CE routers, and AdvanceNet has successfully completed all necessary MPLS VPN configuration tasks on PE12.

MPLS_VPN_topology.jpgYour task is to successfully complete the implementation of the VPN connection by configuring the MPLS VPN on PE11 using the following information:
Privileged mode password: *********
EIGRP is to be used the PE-CE protocol for the VPN.
MPBGP is being used to propagate VPN routing information between the PE routers.
The interface supporting the Indigo Company is Serial0/0 and will have an IP address

The following has been assigned to Indigo’s VPN:
The VRF name is Customer_6
The RD is 6:10
The route target for import is 14:10.
The route target for export is 14:10.
Configure EIGRP between CE11A and PE11 using AS number 10.
Redistribute from BGP to EIGRP AS 10 using metric string of 10000 100 255 11500.
Redistribute from EIGRP AS 10 to BGP using a metric of 1.
VPN is operational when you can see routes for both the local ( and the remote ( sites in the VRF routing table

Answer and Explanation

On PE11 configure these commands

ip vrf Customer_6
rd 6:10
route-target both 14:10
interface s0/0
ip vrf forwarding Customer_6
ip address
router eigrp 10
address-family ipv4 vrf Customer_6
autonomous-system 10
redistribute bgp 65001 metric 10000 100 255 1 1500
router bgp 65001
address-family ipv4 vrf Customer_6
redistribute eigrp 10 metric 1


show ip bgp vpnv4 all

If we can see routes to the prefix and then your configuration is correct!

Notice: There is another Lab Sim in the MPLS 642-691 Exam, it is the MPLS TDP Neighbor Lab Sim

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