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Question 1

Refer to the exhibit. Which two of the following statements about the MPLS configurations are true? (Choose two)


A. The VPI range being configured is the default VPI range.
B. The router is missing the mpls label protocol ldp configuration command on its ATM 0/0.1 subinterface to make it an LC-ATM enabled subinterface.
C. There is a problem with the configurations because the control VC should be set to 0 32 instead.
D. The ATM switch is using VC merge since VC merge is enabled by default.
E. For MPLS label allocations, both VPI 6 and 7 can be used.


Answer: D E


We use the “mpls atm vpi <vci-range>” to configure the range of values to use in the virtual path identifier (VPI) field for label virtual circuits (LVCs).

The command “mpls atm control-vc <vpi> <vci>” is used to configure the control-VC virtual path identifier (VPI) and virtual circuit identifier (VCI) values for the initial link to the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) peer.

In the above exhibit, the command “mpls atm control-vc 6 32” means that we select 6 for VPI and 32 for VCI.


The default VPI range is 1-1.
The default VCI range is 33-65535.
When using the command mpls atm control-vc <vpi> <vci>, both end should have same configuration of this parameter.

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