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BGP Route Reflectors

Here you will find answers to BGP Route Reflectors Questions

Question 1

Which configuration task requires configuring the bgp cluster-id {cluster-id} command?

A. configuring the member ASs within a BGP confederation
B. configuring the BGP confederation ID
C. configuring hierarchical BGP confederations
D. configuring redundant BGP confederations
E. configuring hierarchical route reflectors
F. configuring redundant route reflectors


Answer: F

Question 2

Based on the R1 router BGP configuration shown, which three statements are correct? (Choose three)

hostname R1 ;
router bgp 50001
bgp confederation identifier 50101
bgp confederation peers 50002 50003
neighbor remote-as 50001
neighbor remote-as 50001
neighbor remote-as 50001
neighbor router reflector-client
neighbor router reflector-client
neighbor route-reflector-client
neighbor remote-as 50002
neighbor remote-as 50003
neighbor remote-as 50102
neighbor route-map setlp in
neighbor route-map setmed out
no sync

A. R1 is in AS 50101 according to the neighbor.
B. R1 is in AS 50101 according to the neighbor.
C. The neighbor must be directly connected to R1.
D. R1 is a route-reflector client.
E. The neighbor is an EBGP neighbor.
F. BGP updates coming in from the neighbor must be processed by the setlp route-map.


Answer: A C F

Question 3

Refer to the diagram. What should be changed within AS 50001 to improve the route reflector design?


A. Add a physical link between R1 and R2.
B. Add a physical link between the clients (R3 and R4, and between R4 and R5).
C. Remove the iBGP session between the two redundant RRs (R1 and R2).
D. Add an iBGP session between each pair of clients (between R3 and R4, R4 and R5).
E. Make R4 the RR and R1 and R2 its clients. R3 and R5 should be a non-RR/non-client.


Answer: A

Question 4

Based on the network diagram shown in the exhibit, both R5 and R6 are clients of the R2 RR. When the iBGP update from R3 is received by the R2 RR, which router(s) will R2 reflect the update to?


A. R1 only
B. R5 and R6
C. R5, R6 and R1
D. R4, R5 and R6
E. R4, R5, R6 and R1
F. to no other router


Answer: C

Question 5

Which show command can be used to display the originator ID and cluster-list?

A. show ip bgp
B. show ip bgp sum
C. show ip route bgp
D. show ip route {prefix}
E. show ip bgp {prefix}
F.show ip bgp neighbors {ip address}


Answer: E

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