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BGP Redistribute

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Question 1

When routes between MP-BGP and RIP are being redistributed, what does the option metric transparent do?

A. copies the BGP MED into the RIP hop count
B. copies the BGP local preference into the RIP hop count
C. copies the RIP hop count into the BGP local preference
D. copies the RIP hop count into the BGP MED
E. uses the default seed metric when redistributing from MP-BGP into RIP
F. uses the default seed metric when redistributing from RIP into MP-BGP


Answer: A

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  1. mkioga
    April 15th, 2012 at 18:45 | #1

    When configuring RIP version 2 for PE-CE routing, most of the configuration is under the IPv4 address family. Example 6-15 shows the configuration of RIP version 2 for PE-CE routing.

    Example 6-15 Configuration of RIP Version 2 for PE-CE Routing

    router rip
    version 2
    address-family ipv4 vrf mjlnet_VPN
    version 2
    redistribute bgp 64512 metric transparent
    no auto-summary
    The command router rip enables RIP on the PE router. RIP version 2 is then configured using the command version 2.

    Next comes the address-family ipv4 vrf vrf_name command. RIP configuration for the VRF is configured under the IPv4 address family.

    By specifying version 2 globally (directly under router rip), it is inherited by all the address families configured under RIP.

    Under the address family, be sure to specify redistribution from (MP-BGP or BGP into RIP. Alternatively, you can originate a default route into RIP if it is a large network. Remember that customer routes are advertised between PE routers using MP-BGP. These routes are then imported into the customer VRFs. The command redistribute bgp autonomous_system metric transparent can then be used to redistribute these routes into RIP for advertisement to the attached customer site or sites.

    Note the use of metric transparent. RIP metrics are preserved when they are advertised in MP-BGP (they are copied into the MED attribute), which ensures that these metrics are redistributed back into RIP unmodified.

    Make sure that a metric, whether a specific metric or the keyword transparent, is configured when redistributing MP-BGP routes into RIP. If one is not specified, the routes may not be redistributed.

    The rest of the configuration is pretty standard stuff, with the network command used to specify the networks enabled for RIP, and the no-auto-summary command used to ensure that networks are not summarized at major network boundaries. Note that no auto-summary is on by default under the address family.

  2. Shouka
    May 13th, 2012 at 23:18 | #2

    According to my understanding for the above explanation,
    then answer should be both A & D
    becasuse the Question didn’t specify a redistribution in a specific direction

  3. ki
    May 18th, 2012 at 16:21 | #3

    No into MP-BGP is automatic but from the MP-BGP is optional.

  4. August 11th, 2018 at 10:48 | #4

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